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Establishing and opening a business

It doesn't matter if you are a small business of one person, a business of several employees or a company with dozens of employees, the right simplified accompaniment already at the stage of opening the business, is a decisive factor for the proper growth of the business and the achievement of the goals of the business.

Our office provides legal counsel and support, combined with a deep understanding gained over more than a decade of experience in providing legal advice to leading businesses and companies in their field.

We provide advice and support starting with starting companies, registering partnerships, founders' agreements, employment agreements, contracts with customers and suppliers, banks and financing sources.

Legal advice in setting up a business

With the help of proper guidance and advice, we will save them legal problems and costs in the future, and help your business grow properly

Agreements with suppliers

Partnership and founder agreements

Establishing businesses and companies

Escorting with banks and financers

Security and collection agreements

Agreements with customers

To coordinate a meeting and provide legal advice, we will be happy to hear from you

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