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"Your most important asset is your business. We're here to protect it, all the way"

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I'm Nicolas Mayants, founder and partner of this firm. I am an attorney specializing in insolvency, debt resolution, and civil legal advisory services for businesses and individuals. 


I leverage my extensive experience working with non-bank credit companies and financial entities, both as a litigation attorney and general counsel.

My firm guides clients through critical legal matters, including debt settlement, business formation, and ongoing civil law counsel. Whether you're a business or an individual seeking to resolve outstanding debt, establish a new venture, or require legal advice, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and rights.

Drawing upon a comprehensive understanding of Israel's legal landscape, I provide personalized guidance, robust representation, and unwavering advocacy throughout your legal journey. My expertise extends to advising and representing clients in debt-related matters, devising effective strategies to safeguard your rights and uphold your best interests.

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ניקולאי מאינס עורך דין ברקע אפור

We specialize in 

Complex Debt Collection

Compliance and Regulation

Ongoing Legal Support

 Set up a Business in Israel 


Debt Resolution

Financial Litigation

What do our clients say about us?

From the first moment, I felt I was in good hands. Lawyer Nikolai Mains managed the process in a professional and focused manner. His knowledge, in international procedures, and in dealing with banks and credit companies gave me the opportunity to close a debt to a banking body of hundreds of thousands of shekels for less than 10 thousand shekels

S.P. Israel

Legal service in  - Hebrew, English and Russian

Tailored Legal Solutions

Legal Advice for Private and Business Clients Living Abroad

Profound Knowledge of Israel's Banking and Non-Bank Credit Landscape

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4 Berkovits St., Museum Tower, 6th floor

Tel Aviv zip code 6423806

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